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A tenant in Dubai is usually required to take care of what is termed ‘small’ maintenance, meaning anything that is consumable and not structural. Therefore if your air-con unit breaks down or you have a leak you will be required to call upon a maintenance service company and get it repaired, unless upon signing the tenancy agreement the landlord included a service contract with your rental unit.

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If the onus is on you it can become a headache to find and then test the most reliable and cost effective maintenance service company available. There are many in the market offering varying degrees of quality. And if you’re looking for a cleaner it is a similar story.

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We can recommend you the best companies to deal with. Upon moving out the tenant is required to hand over the property in the same state he or she found it in, this usually requires a painting job, a check that all the plumbing and electrical work, as well as their air-con is working properly and a thorough clean of the property. Again we can organize the whole ‘army’ required for you.