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Receiving a handover of an office typically means it’s not ready for use and is known as a ‘shell & core’ office. Ordinarily offices are delivered to the tenant with no flooring, ceiling, A/C, electrics etc. If you are fortunate, you may find an office with the flooring and ceiling installed but you will find this rare and it will demand premium.

For premises needing fit-out Emirates Realty Commercial can always advise, whether a full or partial fit out we will arrange our contractor, coordinate the fit out and ensure you receive your premises ready and operational. Choosing the right contractor is critical as if you do not chose carefully one with a lack of knowledge on the contractors’ part could delay your fit out completion often due to incorrect permissions and poor workmanship.

Every company has a different requirement. Some have larger budgets than others and for that matter we have reliable long-standing relationships with various contractors, which will accommodate all budgets and requirements and all most importantly offering you best value and service for money. We believe cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap! From the moment you pick up the phone and speak to a specialist at Emirates Realty Commercial you will be advised of the fit out process and approximate costs involved. This in turn will allow you to make a swift decision to have a more accurate budget planned out in order to acquire your new office. The ‘fit out’ planning is an integral part of the process and can be more costly than the rent itself for your first year.

Not only are we advising you on the best office for your company, where and how you need to register your trade license but also who you need to speak to in relation your fit out process. We like to think that we can offer you all the services you may need in order to start operations without delay and as soon as possible.