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Renting out a property and achieving the highest return on your investment can be stressful. So it’s important to understand the process. With so much to think about and so much money at stake, every decision is an important one. Below is a step by step guide designed to walk you through the process of renting out a property in Dubai.

Step 1. Make an Enquiry

When first contacting ERE Homes you be welcomed by our friendly customer care department who will listen to you requirements and quickly and efficiently assign you to a dedicated property consultant. All our consultants are trained area specialists who deal exclusively in leasing.

Step 2 . Find the Right Property

With over 1000 leasing properties consistently available our consultants will assess your property requirements and match suitable properties to you using our advanced property matching software combined with their expertise and skill. Once matched we will send you online full color property brochures for each suitable property for you to asses in your own time and at you own pace.

Step 3. Tenants Compliance

To rent a property in Dubai there are certain minimum requirements needed. The first is a valid visa page in a valid passport. If you can not meet this requirement you must be currently applying for sponsorship and able to obtain a valid processing letter through your employer. If you wish for more than 1 tenants name to be on the tenancy contract this requirement is applicable to all. In addition you will need a valid cheque book to secure the property you wish to rent.

Step 4. Accompanied Viewings

Once your are a compliant tenant our dedicated property consultants will accompany you or even come and collect you in one of our fleet of 4×4′s to take you to view the properties you have shortlisted. All viewings are accompanied by our area specialist property consultants who will provide you with full area brochures informing you of all amenities, facilities, schools, shops and even eating out experiences within your chosen development.

Step 5. Make an Offer

Once you have found your perfect property your assigned property consultant will negotiate you the best price, number of cheques and most convenient circumstances to suit both parties. When making a property offer you may be asked to present a security deposit cheque, this is equivalent to 5% of the net rental price you are offering and will not be en-cashed at this stage. This amount will be calculated by your consultant and shows your intent to rent.

Step 6. Offer Accepted

Upon your offer being accepted our leasing compliance department will prepare the tenancy contracts to be signed by all parties. You will be required to submit passport and visa copies plus your companies ownership documents if requested. You will sign the tenancy contract at this stage and your security deposit cheque will be en-cashed and non refundable if you back out before taking possession of the property.

Step 7. Property Handover

Handover is the term that we use when arranging for you to move into the rented property. Our consultants will collect the final cheques if not already and agree the day you move in which is often on the same day. Your cheques will be handed to your new landlord, you will receive an original contract, the landlords contact details and then be accompanied and introduced to your new property by your ERE Homes consultants.

Step 8. DEWA

As soon as you take handover of your property you will need to connect your utilities (electric/water/AC) namely DEWA or District Cooling. This utility service provider can often be complicated and time consuming if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore ERE Homes has a dedicated Handover team that connects thousands of properties (applicable fee) every year who can take care of this for you. Speak to your property consultant for further details.

Step 9. Congratulations

That’s it your done. You would have now leased through ERE Homes. We will be looking forward to working again for you on your renewal or next transaction and wish you a healthy and prosperous future in your new property.