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Welcome, the Emirates Realty Open House experience awaits you.


Are you tired of sifting through slide show after slide show of properties for rent?  Are you finding it impossible to imagine how the property feels, sounds or even smells, or do you need to thoroughly experience what you like before making decisions. The Emirates Realty monthly Open House event provides customers with a chance to view the properties they like in their own time and on their own terms. No appointments needed, no individual viewing and a consultant that will allow you to view the property with no pressure, no spiel and no hard sell.

All of our Dubai based Open Houses are presented on Saturdays, and are attended by area specialized consultants who will offer expert property advice and localized area knowledge to ensure tenants can make an informed decision when looking to purchase.  Also on hand at all Open Houses will be our Independent Mortgage Broker, MENA mortgages. They will answer any financing questions or queries you may have, if you are considering buying in the future.

Since Emirates Realty simultaneously hold viewings on as many as four very unique open properties on the day, tenants are given the opportunity to filter their requirements thoroughly. Our property experts understand this better than anyone, and are sensitive to the fact that you may still be at the initial stage of your search. We will help tenants to identify the right property at the right time for you.

At an Emirates Realty Open House Event, you will never find just One Property and One Broker, instead, you would have every Emirates Realty property broker at your service to help explore all avenues before making your decision.

Since we always see high levels of activity at our Open Houses Events; any prospecting tenant will be given access to over 500 properties registered with Emirates Realty.

On the day of the event, all of the Emirates Realty rental inventory will be available to be discussed and in most cases, viewed straight away.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Emirates Realty OPEN HOUSE event