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Landlords must offer and maintain housing that satisfies basic habitability requirements, such as adequate weatherproofing, available air-conditioning, access to water, and electricity, and structurally safe premises.

In addition by correctly maintaining your rented property and ensuring you present your property in a good clean habitable condition will maintain you gain the maximum return on your investment. With many of the “new” Dubai properties now being constructed over 8 years ago the need to correctly maintain and service your property will reduce long term repair costs and loss of returns through lack of occupancy due to maintenance being carried out.

Emirates Realty advises all our customers who are leasing their properties to keep them well presented and well maintained at all times. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance of air condition, plumbing and electrics can be a very low cost investment, which will avoid potentially large repair bills in the future. We also advise our Landlords to carry out re-painting and cleaning upon a tenant exiting to ensure their property is highly presentable to prospecting tenants so to gain the highest achievable rents in the shortest amount of time . Clean, painted, well located properties always rent quickly and without hassle and will avoid long vacant periods which can often interrupt your properties ROI.

Emirates Realty can accommodate all these factors and will recommend you the best companies to deal with. Contact our customer care department today or speak to your dedicated Emirates Realty consultant and we will take care of all your property needs.