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By sharing your investment ideas with our investment professionals, you can benefit from their specialist knowledge. You also get a personalised service tailored to your circumstances, investment objectives, risk threshold and expectations on projected return.

Overview of investment advisory

Even when we are not instructed to make investment decisions on your behalf, we can provide guidance to help you develop an asset allocation strategy and investment guidelines. With our comprehensive, consultative approach, we develop an awareness of your financial circumstances and tailor an approach to your needs.

Tailored asset-allocation strategies

We believe asset allocation is an important part of a successful investment strategy. Asset allocation considers your entire investment profile and aligns with your specific needs, goals, time horizon, and risk and reward expectations. Our Investment Advisers will help you get your asset allocation right.

Resources to help you invest

We give you access to a range of tools that help you make investment decisions:

  • Research providing insights into the market dynamics affecting your investment decisions.
  • Commentary giving you our view on asset classes and sectors in local markets – designed to help you select investment opportunities.
  • Presentations of tactical trade ideas to help you take advantage of certain short-term market opportunities.
  • Tactical trade ideas

With your long-term investment strategy in place, you may also want to consider taking advantage of certain short-term, tactical opportunities as and when they align with your strategy.

Our Investment Committee brings together our most senior investment specialists, to identify new trends and provide a long-term view. As market dynamics evolve we may favour a particular investment theme, asset class or geographic region, or we may see an opportunity in a particular sector or company.

We help you navigate these often-complex markets where reliable financial research may be less readily available compared with traditional investment markets.

Fixed-income and equities

Our asset class specialists advise on fixed-income and equity recommendations in line with our high conviction investment themes .