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What is Property Management?

Property management is a comprehensive management service provided by Emirates Realty to Landlords whereby every aspect of leasing is taken care of by our dedicated team of property managers. These services include marketing, maintenance management, RERA guidance, tenancy renewals and rental increases to name just a few. In essence, the service is there to assist owners who just don’t have the time to look after their property efficiently or effectively.

What is the initial process upon signing up?

Upon the Property Management agreement being signed by both Emirates Realty and the Landlord, our dedicated team take over the day-to-day organization of all duties required in the efficient management of the property. If the property is vacant, we will immediately introduce it to our corporate clients and initiate a dedicated marketing campaign. Properties already rented would be visited and inspected. A Property Manager will then introduce themselves to your tenant as the point of contact for future reference.

Can I move from another Property Management company to Emirates Realty?

If you wish to transfer the Property Management services from another company to EMIRATES REALTY, this is not a problem at all and will not in any way affect any existing tenancy you may have.

Which documents are required to proceed with Property Management?

Emirates Realty require: a copy of the owner/s passport; a copy of the Title Deed; a signed Emirates Realty Management Agreement to proceed with the management of the property

Will I be communicating with my Tenant directly?

If any issues arise from either side Emirates Realty would be the direct point of contact. This ensures that Landlords are not disturbed, especially in cases of emergency, maintenance. This also gives the Tenant peace of mind of having a dedicated Customer Service Officer to contact in all scenarios. At no point unless otherwise requested by the Landlord, will Emirates Realty give the contact details of the Landlord to the Tenant.

What happens in the event of emergency maintenance?

Emirates Realty will instruct one of its panel of professional contractors to ensure the problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently. This service is provided 24 hours a day seven days a week. In the event of a temporary repair, Emirates Realty will provide a competitive quotation for the Landlords approval before any further works needed are carried out.

How can you keep maintenance costs to a minimum?

Firstly we react immediately to any emergency repairs required to the property. If further works are required, one of our panel of contractors will adhere at reduced rates, only available to Emirates Realty. All works require approval from the Landlord before being completed.

What is RERA guidance?

RERA also known as the Real Estate Regulatory Agency are the governing body for real estate activity in Dubai. This is a Government department enforcing rental laws across the industry. In such a fast moving and evolving market, these rules do change and more often than not, Landlords are not always made aware of these changes, however, we at Emirates Realty constantly monitor the market, in particular, rental laws. This allows us to inform Landlords of any changes that could potentially affect their circumstances and essentially, their rental returns.

Who handles the financial aspect of the property such as rent and deposits?

This would be the responsibility of Emirates Realty. Payments can be made directly to Emirates Realty and can be transferred as and when they are due, to wherever the Landlords wishes or Emirates Realty can hold cheques on behalf of the Landlord and deposit to the Landlords desired (local) account. The choice is yours!

How are renewals and increases dealt with?

Emirates Realty will handle all tenancy renewals and rental increases directly on behalf of the Landlord using our tailored Property Management CRM system. This ensures that all deadlines are met in respect to any laws that apply in renewing and increasing, meaning the Landlord will never miss an opportunity to maximize the returns on their investment.

Who and how are tenancy disputes dealt with?

Should a tenancy dispute arise, Emirates Realty would mediate between both parties and do its upmost to resolve the situation both amicably and swiftly. If a resolution is not found then guidance would be given By Emirates Realty to the Landlord on how to proceed.

How do you ensure my property is looked after properly?

Firstly, Emirates Realty would conduct a ‘Moving in Report’ as the tenant commences the tenancy agreement. This will demonstrate the condition upon move-in and will later be compared to a ‘Moving out Report’ when the tenant vacates, to demonstrate if any damage has occurred. We would also conduct inspections throughout the duration of the tenancy (if requested) to make sure the tenant is keeping the property in good order and condition.

If I wish for my tenant to leave the property how is this conducted?

Emirates Realty would notify the Tenant at the Landlords discretion, that they must vacate the property in accordance with current RERA laws.