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EJARI, which translates in to ‘My rent’ is an on-line system developed by Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to enhance transparency in the market. RERA uses the data collected to create its rental index which can then be used by both Landlords and Tenants in order to amicably negotiate rental rates.

Since March 2010, it has become a legal requirement to register all rental contracts on Ejari. The responsibility is with the landlord however, the cost is the responsibility of the tenant. In the case that your property is managed by Emirates Realty, we will apply for the Ejari registration for you and ensure the cost is collected from your Tenant.

Also In the event that a Tenancy agreement is not registered with Ejari the Landlord can be liable for a fine of AED 50,000.


Dubai Electricity and Water Authority is the provider of all power utilities in Dubai. This must be connected prior to Ejari registration. It is worth mentioning that you must allow for up to 24 hours from the time of application to the time of connection.



Du is one of the television, phone and internet providers in Dubai and they cover specific areas such as Emirates Living. You need to ensure you check that Du covers your area prior to trying to connect.

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This is the second provider of television, phone and internet services and again is area specific in Dubai. Once again please ensure the Etisalat covers your area and not Du.



OSN are a provider of television packages for clients throughout most of Dubai.



Palm Utilities

Palm Utilities are one of the providers of chilled water for various towers and developments for air conditioning. Please note this is a separate entity from DEWA.

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This is another provider of chilled water for developments throughout Dubai. As with Palm utilities they are area specific so you need to know which provider covers your area.