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Emirates Realty is in the field of leasing full residential buildings for corporate or management companies where you don’t have to manage building or collect rent from each and individual tenant .

Under the leadership of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin rashid al Maktoum U.A.E’s market is taking shape into a vast and diverse economy but with well cared accommodations rules and human rights regulations for staff as well as labors .

Executive staff and Labor accommodations has always been in great demand in U.A.E’s economy as most of such staff and labor are expats . Thus , We undertake the lease of executive staff and labor accommodations for Hotels/Hospitals/Retail chains/ contracting companies e.t,c .

Our Staff accommodations are well equipped to provide comfort as well as leisure to the Executive staff which works hard to give your organisation the desired results and targets .
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Labor works in heat and sweats out to ensure the hard work is done properly and in target time . Our Labor accommodations are well equipped providing the labor enough comfort to gain back the energy and go back to work the other day .